New Year’s Day, World’s most celebrated Public Holiday

New Year’s Day, World’s most celebrated Public Holiday


At present, people celebrate 1st January each year as the New Year’s Day, World’s most celebrated Public Holiday, wishing one another a Happy New Year. It is a part of the Christmas vacations all over the world. It is the first day of the Gregorian Calendar year, which most countries in the world use as the official calendar. Not only the Gregorian Calendar but the Julian Calendar also marks this date as the New Year’s Day.  The legendary Roman Emperor Julius Caesar had proposed the Julian Calendar, derived from its name. Thus, even before Rome became the Christian capital, 1st January was the New Year’s Day.

The tradition of celebrating the New Year’s Day has some common practices all over the globe. Some of them are:

  1. Partying late night with family and friend’s that involves fireworks at 12:00 AM midnight, marking the start of the New Year and the end of the present year.
  2.  Wishing all the loved, known and sometimes unknown ones a Happy New Year ahead in-person, calls and messages, Greeting cards.


Actually, 1st January became the New Year’s Day on the decision of Julius Caesar. When Caesar became the Roman Dictator, he noticed that traditional Roman Calendar had lost its relevance and efficiency. The Roman Calendar used to follow the lunar cycle. There used to be anomalies while following the calendar and the respective seasons.

During that period there were revolutionary thoughts doing round with respect to Astronomy and Mathematics. Many regions in the world had adopted the Solar cycle instead of the traditional lunar cycle. Egypt was among them. Caesar got inspired by the thought of the Solar cycle and after he came to know Sosigenes, an Egyptian astronomer, got impressed and decided to apply the Solar cycle based Calendar. It was in 153 BC that 1st January was celebrated as the New Year’s Day in Rome.

31st December, New Year’s Eve Celebrations

In the modern world, people celebrate New Year’s eve in a grand manner to welcome the New Year at 12:00 AM and wish the world a Happy New Year. This custom developed right at the start of 1900s. Medias such as TV, Radio, Newspapers add to the special build up by telecasting and broadcasting various shows and cultural events, publishing articles on the notable incidents and happenings of the past year. Almost every nation that follows the Gregorian Calendar, celebrate the New Year’s Eve, with New Year parties. Sydney contributes to one of the famous grandest New Year’s Day celebration at its Opera House. In fact the partying and cosmopolitan style of celebrations take place on the New Year Eve, 31st December evening, rather than the New Year’s Day, 1st January. These celebrations have the common quote “Happy New Year”.

New Year's Day
New Year’s Eve Celebrations at Opera House, Sydney


New Year’s Day Celebrations

New Year’s Day celebration all over the world marks some traditional customs and practices, sometimes related to the local culture. For example, in the state of West Bengal, India, on 1st January, people pay their devotion to Ramkrishna Dev, the Guru of Swami Vivekananda. The Kalpataru Puja is observed by the monks of Ramkrishna Mission. A big gathering of devotees takes place at the famous, Dakhineshwar Temple in Kolkata on this day. A few other popular activities around the world are listed in the following:

  • Parades are scheduled as a New Year Day custom in different locations.
  • In the USA, all the popular leagues of different sports like NFL, NBA have matches scheduled.
  • In England, the Premiere League has multiple matches on the New Year’s Day.
  • Every Australian summer has a Test Match scheduled on the second or third day of the New Year, which is held at the SCG, Sydney. This match is known as the New Year’s Test.
  • There is Horse Race on the New Year’s Day, at the famous Cheltenham Racecourse in the UK.
  • The members of the Polar Bear Club, take plunges in the ice-cold water of Northern Hemisphere.


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